Sep. 9th, 2015 06:00 pm

Today I spent $5 on knockoff perfume at Dollar Tree, which I regard as a good decision. Please place your bets as to whether any of these smell 1) good 2) like the originals.

Bu was interested only in the fake Chanel No. 5.

Apr. 20th, 2015 08:39 pm
Photo of the items listed below laid out around a poorly-repaired pair of glasses.

Items needed to sorta-repair my glasses: super glue, scotch tape, paper, little screwdriver, three wooden skewers, needle and thread, microfiber cloth, my sun lamp, annnnnnd Sculpey.

I used the Sculpey to craft a little stand to hold the two halves in place properly while I applied the glue and let it set. I feel quite proud of this.
Photo of a bowl of grain salad with a lot of protein.

This is what I’m eating nearly every meal lately. It’s approximately healthy and filling, and involves only one “cooking-ish” element - putting grain in a rice cooker - which only needs to be done once every few days.

This has become my favorite recipe because the ingredients don’t have time to go bad on me and make me sick when I zone the fuck out, eat nothing but energy bars and pieces of bread for days, and then eat some not remembering how old it is and make myself really sick. That’s a very important consideration! It’s eliminated most of my old staple foods from the rotation.

Required Materials:

* a rice cooker
* grain that won’t get gross in the fridge after a few days:
* * wheat berries or barley = good
* * oat groats or millet = okay but gets dry faster
* * rice = mostly bad
* spinach, collard greens, or some other leafy green, either fresh or frozen loose in a bag (not compressed into a brick)
* olive oil
* vinegar

Other Salad Stuff That Either Has Protein Or Is An Olive (Olives Are Delicious):

* canned beans
* canned tuna or sardines
* crumbly cheese
* nuts
* olives
* whatever

Pre-Salad Process:

* Stick the greens in the freezer immediately even if they’re fresh because I’ll get paranoid that they’ve gone bad and will make me sick otherwise.
* Cook the grain in the rice cooker
* The Hardest Part: Remember to put the grain in the fridge before the rice cooker’s Keep Warm setting dries it out.
* The Other Hardest Part: Remember to actually wash the rice cooker pan so it’ll be ready for the next batch goddamn it.

Salad Process:

* Stick a couple handfuls of the frozen greens in a bowl, then microwave for thirty seconds to wilt them + kill all the e. coli that’s probably on there trying to kill me.
* Dump the other stuff in there and mix it up.
* Eat the salad.

Apr. 12th, 2015 07:58 pm

Let us observe a moment of silence for my vision-correcting prostheses. They were ten years old.

(I’m going to get some Krazy Glue and try to fix them, because I fear change even on so trivial a scale, but the plastic’s gone brittle and weirdly-bubbly. So I just ordered a $10 set of replacements that look as much as possible like them.

For the moment I’m altering between sunglasses and my high-school-era set, which have a slightly-too-weak prescription. My face looks completely wrong. It is someone else’s face.)

Feb. 13th, 2015 12:55 am

"Hey. Hey! I’m standing in the food. Standing in it! I mean, what the hell. What the hell, I don’t know how to deal with - hey! No, don’t take my picture, come on, do something! About my problem!”

Feb. 10th, 2015 08:25 pm
Dubiety has been mad at me for several weeks, because I made him spend nine days at a different house! With strange animals! And also took him to the vet! Where they made him go to sleep even though he didn’t want to!

But he’s presently napping on my hand in his usual configuration for the first time since I betrayed him. I guess I’m forgiven?

It was a Canon S400. Their newer models, unfortunately, do not generally have the same thick metal chassis that allowed this one to survive all the abuse I heaped upon it. So if I decide to replace it, I might just... buy the same ancient model again on eBay? There's someone selling one for $14 right now.
Photo of fallen apple tree from side.

Photo of deer poop.

The deer feel that this is an adequate exchange for the apples. I agree. I loved finding wild animal droppings in the yard as a kid. It made it a more real and important sort of place, that deer and rabbits were there sometimes when we couldn't see them. (I didn't like finding their bones, though.)

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They're very enthusiastic about freedoms and Bills of Rights and suchlike. So enthusiastic that they will do a LOT of baking.

Photo of six plates and one tupperware box of brownies.

Not shown: the three pies he also brought.
3 laptops, a tablet, a Kindle, and a Nintendo DS sitting on a couch.

I'm trying to set my persnickety old Toshiba up as sort of a household media server, but I needed to fix a problem with its Mint install, which required me to burn a fresh liveCD, which I decided I didn't want to do on the Asus to which I'd originally downloaded the ISO, because the burner's not very reliable, so I went and got the HP, which is one of the office computers and should not really be in our house.

Between the Asus and the HP are a Kindle, a tablet, and my Nintendo DS.

Also, I took the photo with a smartphone, and I think that cat might be a robot.

I just noticed that Dad's laptop is just over on the table. I should have worked it into the shot, too; its feelings must be hurt.
I think my color scheme has changed since I started reading Homestuck.

Lime-green throw blanket, bedsheets, phone case, coffee cup, glasses rag.
But I feel bad for these guys anyway.

Geese standing in a snowy field.

It's generally warmer in Kentucky than in Canada, sure, but I think that if you're flying south for the winter, you want to get a little more ambitious than this.

Some smaller birds were out exploring our porch this morning, I guess because Dad spilled some birdseed.

Bird footprints on the porch.

I want to go out in the snow, but I’m afraid to. I’m afraid because there’s a small swimming pool out in the yard somewhere… and I can’t tell exactly where.

Someone stop me from playing EVE Online and watching Soul Eater all day. I think it likely that neither one is a good idea on its own, but they’re particularly unharmonious in combination. I’m going to name a spaceship something like “SYMMETRY!,” and then someone named NeMeSiN will destroy it and send me a misogynistic message explaining why they did so. And I’ll want to apologize to Death the Kid for letting the symmetry get destroyed again.

Death the Kid is my favorite character. His voice was giving me weird signals, so I looked it up, and he’s Tamaki from Ouran. Things somehow make more sense now that I know that. I just looked up Black ★ Star, and he’s Excel, which is obviously also good.

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Feb. 6th, 2010 05:56 pm

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Photo Essay

Jan. 4th, 2010 06:10 pm

What Mee and Conan (’s Parents) Sent Me

IMG_7985 (800x600)

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Fallen branches in the snow.

There are branches on the ground all over the place, and I can see a tree that’s fallen over in the park. I wonder if it’s been an unusually bad year for dead trees?

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