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Snarp ([personal profile] snarp) wrote2015-12-07 11:21 pm
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I worry that this says something about my body's ability to heal itself.

Cut for gross:

I've gotten little cysts in my earlobes pretty often since I was a kid. This evening, the left lobe started hurting and feeling hot, so as per my usual practice when the things start hurting, I popped the cyst, squeezed out the goop, and swabbed the lobe down with rubbing alcohol.

(This may be counterproductive, I just. Feel the need to do it. A purity-fetishistic little personal ritual, I guess?)

I then also cleaned my right earlobe, because symmetry, and was surprised when that also stung. It's been at least two years since I even put earrings in, and I stopped wearing them regularly in college, so I'd assumed the holes had grown in. So I found a pair of my old earrings and cleaned them.

They both slid in easily. It wasn't even as hard as I remember it being in high school when I went a few months without wearing them. Why.
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[personal profile] chomiji 2015-12-10 01:47 am (UTC)(link)

As someone who has a tendency toward sebaceous cysts of the scalp, I feel your pain. Literally and often.