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A group of children, apparently without family to care for them, are being pursued by a vampire. They have fled from the city where they all lived into the forest, and found there a deep cave system, in which they are living while they plot and train to destroy the vampire. The forest is a good place - there is no shortage of water or things to eat, and they feel safe, sure that the vampire will never think to look for children so far in the wilderness. Most of them do not go deeply into the cave.

The oldest of the children is a boy called Runner, so named because of his speed. Runner is very quiet, and prefers to be alone. He knows that they are not safe here, but he can never hope to convince the others that they must keep running. Fear and suffering are alien to them, and they do not really believe in them. They will laugh and try to reassure him, or get angry. He wanders deep into the caves alone. He carries a light, but always turns it off after a while, to save the batteries; he can see in the dark now. Alone among them, he has been bitten.

Runner found something just inside the caves - a train station. It is made all of stone, like a replica or a toy, but it is ancient, and strangely dry inside. Stone doors are closed over the tracks, and he cannot open them to find out where the tracks lead.

The other children never noticed the station until he showed it to them, though some had walked right through it. Even now they act as if it isn’t there, or isn’t important. Runner supposes that being able to see the station is part of what has happened to him. The things he knows will be darker and lonelier now.

The stone train tracks seem like an escape. Runner is sure that if he can get some of these doors open, a train will come. He spends hours alone there in the dark, searching for a way through. One night a door opens, and an man walks through, carrying some tools. He greets Runner sunnily. He is a scientist, the man tells him, who is studying the station. Several adults like him live in the dark behind the doors, unnaturally cheerful as they research this lightless place.

Runner follows them in through the doors. He distrusts the way these adults act, so happy and placid. But behind the doors, the tracks run far and deep. One of them will lead out, he knows, to another world, one where there is no space for vampires. He will go with them to find that track. He doesn’t think that the other children will come looking for him; they may already have forgotten that he ever existed.

He looks for the track that will let him escape for some time. But one night the scientists excitedly tell him that their patron is coming to look over their work. Runner understands immediately what that means. He sees now that there are wounds on all their throats, and out of the corner of his eye, he sees the vampire entering the cavern. He chooses a track and begins running.


(Lest you think my dreams are all eerily coherent, the Runner plotline was only about 1/3 of this one - the rest of it involved another child who was being chased by a dragon and maybe wanted to drink its blood, or maybe actually was the dragon, and a wizard girl who wore blue and a martial artist boy who wore red and didn't really do anything except run from the dragon and vampire. And it was all in Minecraft's visual style; Runner's cave explorations involved placing a lot of blocks.)
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