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Snarp ([personal profile] snarp) wrote2010-02-27 08:31 pm

You definitely care about my face cream.

I get acne when I consume milk products. I know this. I performed a series of experiments on myself last year that proved it beyond any reasonable doubt. Why do I have all this cheese?

Relatedly, this old post's announcement still pretty much holds - if I lay off the milk stuff, shave regularly, and don't put anything but olive oil on my face, I don't break out.

But the weather's been dry, and that's been causing problems. The specific problems that it's been causing are wrinkles. I AM TWENTY-FOUR BY THE WAY. So I've been trying to find a lotion that will neither make me break out, nor lead potential employers to suspect that I'm lying about my age in addition to my biological gender.

Last night I spent like three hours researching skin care products, which resulted in my figuring out what words like "W/O" and "comedogenic" meant and whether I cared. I decided, tentatively, that I did. Having made this decision, I applied it to Etsy in the form of a truly epic search string.*

I eventually selected, for my initial test subject, this lotion from these guys. If it performs poorly, I'm planning on trying this (from here) or this (from here), which are not technically lotions because they are not water-oil emulsions (I learned about this in my research!), but are made with beeswax and thus will probably do a better job of keeping my face from peeling off than lotions that only use oil, water, and emulsifying wax NF (ie, most lotions on Etsy, because it's what's easiest to make (research!)). This (here) and this (here) actually look like they might work better acne-wise, but I'd rather start my experiment on the hard stuff and then scale back.

* My search string: "beeswax -perfume -solid -bomb -foot -hand -fizzy -bubble -chapstick -mist -coconut -shea -cocoa -body -soap -lip -lipstick -salt -salts -exfoliant -exfoliating -scrub -cleanser -mascara -makeup -conditioner -spray -toner -emu -hair -sand -soap -grains -cleansing -bar -massage -rinse -mask -masque"

I worked very hard on this string! Possibly I will put it on my resume.

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