Apr. 6th, 2015

Notttttt sure how I feel about this! That one fanfic's going to be getting a lot of new readers, I think.

It's just, I don't want a new POV character, I want, like, Cordelia stomping around the galaxy messing with people's heads for three hundred pages. She goes on an adventure, with Elli, and they make out. And it ends up in a Space Tabloid and Miles's life is ruined. Yes, that's the book I want.
Remember the post where I said this?

I'm hoping more for something like a benign tumor on a gland. They cut me open and make the problem mostly go away again? ...I'm putting "benign tumor on a gland" on my birthday list.

Happy birthday to me, I have a tumor on my pineal gland! Plus a slight case of something called "cerebellar ectopia," which means basically my cerebellum is, uh, slouching?

I've been digging through medical sites for a few hours, and it doesn't seem like these problems are significantly harder to correct than the meningioma was. I will be seeing a neurologist from whom I will elicit more thorough explanations next week, and then will probably set up an appointment with the neurosurgeon who worked on me the first time.

I'm making plans to get upset about it tonight or tomorrow and start generating worst-case-scenarios, but I'm presently still in the "relief at getting a possible explanation that's not CFS/SEID" stage. And maybe they will do the surgery and the problem will mostly go away!

...This obviously makes me wonder what the fuck my head is up to. Why does it keep making tumors. Is it because I had too many dental x-rays as a kid? Do I have an unfortunate gene up in? Am I an intermediate step towards Jack the Bodiless.

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