Mar. 23rd, 2015

I'm going to have to let Buoyancy share Dubiety's expensive medicated food. I've been trying to keep them separated for meals, but they both just spend mealtime walking back and forth between their bowl and the door separating them. Bu mewls and scratches at it.

And they're really stressed out the rest of the day, too - Du won't let me pet him, Bu acts scared of me and his toys. Why am I separating them, why am I locking Du in, why am I taking food away from the anxious former-strays, why am I being meeeeeean?

So, yeah. I gave in and left the medicated stuff out for both of them last night, immediately calming them both down considerably - Du actually purred last night - and called the vet this morning to make sure it was safe to keep doing that. It is, but, like. This is expensive food.

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