Oct. 28th, 2015 04:04 pm
Please Save My Earth is good and you should read it. It will give you insights into Steven Universe, insights like, "oh they’re all rocks because the PSME aliens were all plants" and "Rose probably at least TRIED to take over the earth to end all war between humans. Maybe she actually did it? Because what is even the deal with the temple and stuff."
My eyes are hecked up today, someone go back and check this out for me.
I hope Bismuth is actually pink and that's not just the lighting. I hope there is a gem named Pink Bismuth aka "Pepto."
Priyanka and Peridot dysfunctional-team-up to attempt to quantify the limits of Steven's healing power using Modern Science. Connie gets a broken arm and Steven fixes it in front of them and makes them flip out, probably? Yeah. Steven and Connie are very confused and embarrassed and bored by this process, as befits children upon whom Modern Medicine has been inflicted.

Pearl vacillates wildly between helping/Porlsplaining and acting like the equivalent of an Antivax Mom - it's the Power Of Love and she doesn't trust you with her Steven's body and etc. Garnet passive-aggressively cheeses off Team Science by telling them the results of experiments before the experiments are actually performed, but after they've worn themselves out painstakingly setting them up. She's willing to waste their time, but not Steven and Connie's.

Amethyst is mostly just disappointed that this particular region of Modern Medicine never involves Steven eliminating into a jar.

She answers every question anyone ever asks of her until "When It Rains" - but no one but Steven has ever answered a question for her.

(He has answered all of them. At least one question answered, every single conversation.)

The only exception to the rule:

PERIDOT: don't you gems have anything better to do than annoy me???


Peridot has also never actually asked a non-rhetorical question of anyone but Steven - with, again, one purple exception:

AMETHYST: is it like a big hunk of granola

PERIDOT: what's granola???

Steven really is much more useful than those clods.

Oct. 5th, 2015 11:33 pm
Lion is incredibly worrying in light of Sugar Sugar Rune's obvious influence on SU + the mounting evidence that Rose did some Evil Deeds.

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Oct. 3rd, 2015 08:43 pm
Anyway I've decided that SUniverse's John Webster was actually Pearl. Jacobean period was a rough one for her.

#pearl in her darkest hour: writes a play #the duchess of malfi

Oct. 3rd, 2015 08:29 pm
“But I don’t have anything against squares! I like all basic shapes.” He’s going to try and make friends with Yellow Diamond, too, I can feel it in the place where my heart’s supposed to be.
First draft of my SU fanfic that I'm not going to finish because it's been rendered hella noncanonical! This is all the dialog I wrote intercut with the outline, so it does have an ending - just, y'know, in the form of scribbly synopsis bits.

Ostensibly Pearl/Peridot spadeshipping, hence the "Shovelflies" - they're butterflies that look like little spades! And they're fluttering in the background every time Pearl and Peridot interact! I didn't describe this in the story, sorry. That's what they are. They're Animes Spades.

...Buuuuuut I was kind of waiting for more Peridot-vs-Pearl characterization in-show to write those bits! So what's here is mostly Peridot and Steven being cute.

In script format because I draft all dialog-heavy things that way (and in this case was trying to write as much in the show's style as possible).

Slight tw for some really bad parenting on Pearl's part in the scribbly-synopsis bits towards the end.

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