Mar. 21st, 2016 03:25 pm
I just had a semi-planned minor surgery and am presently still stoned and sore, so I if you are expecting communications from me please expect delays.

Cut for what the surgery was (and I am posting this here and not Tumblr because it's gross and Tumblr doesn't respect cuts).

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Thank you, people who just signed up for it (Curology/PocketDerm) using my referral code. If anyone wanted an update on this: tretinoin has unsurprisingly worked much better than benzoyl peroxide on my acne. It also doesn't ruin my clothes like the BP does, so I'm probably not actually spending more money.

And it is, obviously, much cheaper and more convenient than going to a real-life dermatologist for a Retin-A prescription.

In summary, still recommended for Americans with really bad acne who can't get cheap tretinoin via other methods.

Edit: Have like seven people genuinely found my code and signed up using it just today. Where exactly are you coming from.
When I was in high school I read an X-Files fanfic where someone "was dying of ketoacidosis" and Mulder had a sobbing monologue about his parents also having "been stolen away from [him] by ketoacidosis."

Obviously people do die because of ketoacidosis. But, like, linguistically we do not say that. We say either "diabetes" or, probably more commonly, the name of the other condition(s) that hecked things up to the point that treating the diabetes became lost in the shuffle or impossible?

So it was a funny term to randomly choose out of the "K" section of the Merck Manual, but not the funniest possible term. Imagine the ideal world which would have resulted if the kid hadn't flipped quite so far. Fox Mulder's entire family, dead of keratosis pilaris.

I am posting this because my arm-spots are gross and I just looked at one that's bleeding and thought, sadly, I am probably dying of keratosis pilaris.
Dentist: *severe lecture on the importance of flossing, you absolutely have to, if you don't floss your teeth will definitely all fall out, etc*

Me: The thing is that I hurt myself when I try? My teeth are too close together for the floss to fit between them. I guess it's because my wisdom teeth pushed the others forward. If I try to force it, I just end up bleeding.

Dentist: Oh. Me, too, actually! - Yeah, you don't want to try and force it, you'll just get a gum infection. I don't actually do it.

(I have never in fact had a cavity.)
If an un-coated tablet gets caught on the back of your tongue it will BURN.

I did this two days ago and it still stings.
Is that a thing that's fucking allowed

Since spiro is having the opposite effect I think the experiment is reasonable

Jul. 14th, 2015 05:31 pm
The skin cyst on my back that’s right in the middle of my bra-strap line is back. I’m going to ask the cat to lance it for me. That seems like it would work out well.


Jun. 26th, 2015 07:55 pm
That was too much blood and I am definitely going to die.

Jun. 26th, 2015 04:00 pm
My body's already-limited ability to thermoregulate is entirely lost when I allow the Bad Guys to draw ten whole vials of my blood.
Me: The lab technician asked me why they were taking all my blood out -

Mom: They didn't take all of it.

Me: - and I just told her it was because I was turning into the wolfman.

Mom: I don't think that will happen.
I'm sorry, I am being weird and inconsistent about what I blog about.

1) When I mentioned a Thing that got taken out on prospitianescapee yesterday, I was talking about the meningioma I had removed a few years back. The pineal Thing is still in my head.

2) The pineal Thing is going to stay in my head. (I don't know how to feel about that yet!)

The appointment I had in Cleveland on Tuesday was me getting a second opinion about whether they wanted to try and get at the pineal Thing or not. The answer was "no" - it's too small and almost certainly just a cyst. The chiari/cerebellar ectopia thing was of even less concern to her, because the overreach is so tiny, and anyway the only treatment for it is removing part of your skull. Too drastic!

(I'd already seen a local neurosurgeon, who said the same thing, but I didn't trust it coming from him - he hadn't read my chart or looked at my records and seemed in general pretty out-of-it. My mom was with me in his office, and at one point I think he even forgot which of us was the patient. Cleveland Clinic's where I got the meningioma removed, so I went back there.)

What the Cleveland neuro advised is just yearly MRIs + battery of neuropsych tests to quantify my vision/hearing/motor issues. This doesn't solve the problem of me feeling cruddy all the time, but at least we have eliminated an explanation? Science. Next steps are hassling an endocrinologist and gynecologist about whether I have, like, endometriosis, or an earwig that crawled in my ear and made it all the way to my thyroid.

So, I do not actually need brain surgery again. Disappointingly? SHOULD I BE DISAPPOINTED OR NOT?????? I am disappointed that I do not need brain surgery, regardless of the rationality of this. I really wanted to cut the problem out and feel better again, that was pretty okay, that other time I did that! A validating experience.
Sometimes it's obvious why. Like, once I was at a neuro appointment, and I'd been mostly-monosyllabic and acting like I was sleepwalking for the first ten minutes, and the person was acting worried I was under-reacting because I was scared my brain was going to leak out my ears or something.

And in an effort to reassure them I said, "yeah no it's cool I'm totally aware that the current understanding of the etiology of the condition is limited because these things are treated as incidental findings and don't even necessarily get noted on radiology reports and also the research has been mostly on people like twice my age or older."

Oh no! Terrifying! Because they're now digging through everything they've said trying to figure out whether they stuck some imprecise/inaccurate fluffy stuff into their patient-reassurance patter, and what if I call them on it, or mistrust everything else they say on that basis!*

But I don't know why this happened:

me, as nurse is taking my blood pressure: To what extent do you think these results get inflated because people are scared of the blood-pressure cuff? Or just medical environments in general? Someone must have tried to calculate like, a margin or whatever...

nurse, panicking for some reason: I don't know!

Maybe I sounded hostile to the blood-pressure cuff? I'm sorry, neurosurgery nurse, I'd been in the car a long time and my head really hurt.


* I don't usually do that unless they've provided evidence that they buy into the fluff. Someone acts like they genuinely think going to the gym is a treatment for menstrual irregularity, or that it's practical to "stop using" the arm with the fucked-up tendon for months at a time, yeah, that person is not doing their job and gets told off.

But someone saying "The brain's really complicated, something happening in the pineal gland might affect the, the spine even, it's all connected, we can't really make judgments on whether Thing A might be causing Result X or not" - that's just kind of singing a lullaby, it's comforting to people on both sides of the interaction, I'm not going to be a dick about it.
I was already in bed with the lights out, but then I thought about how I just gave the cats the last of the flea/tick meds, got worried about that because that's what I do, I worry about non-urgent problems, and got back online and researched preferred parasite practices for an hour.

Long story short, you want to get

1) a 1ml syringe without a needle,

2) a tiny glass vial, and

3) the cheapest large-sized fipronil/s-methoprene topical treatment available on eBay or Amazon. At the moment that's probably going to be the Fiproguard Plus for dogs weighing 88-132 pounds.

And then you squeeze the meds into the jar, and use the syringe to measure out and apply the appropriate quantity for your animal's size. Cats take about a 0.5 ml dose, and the mega-dog dose is about 4 ml.

So, I just spent $20 on a three-pack of Fiproguard Plus - ~12 ml - and the necessary implements, and assuming that I don't just spill it everywhere that's a year's worth of flea goop for both of my two jerks. So maybe this time when I go to bed it will take.

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