* live in a city which has multiple Korean grocery stores

* can basically drive in cities without getting disoriented/freaking out (I cannot)

* refuse to pick up some kimchi for me on the clearly erroneous basis that it is "gross" and "smelly"

* have no sense of smell

* seriously, none whatso-fucking-ever, I have done science

* 100% CANNOT smell the kimchi and as such have no basis for complaining that it smells bad

* it doesn't anyway

* should bring me kimchi, I will pay them back
Another fool-proof method of bribing me, if anyone wants to try this out, is to completely fill my freezer with channa saag.

[/summoning ritual]
Do other people get odors caught in their noses

Nonexistent ones

For days/weeks at a time

(Right now it's the cut for gross/body horror )

Aug. 25th, 2015 02:27 pm
I got a new coffee-dripper, and it's both easier to use than the old one (smaller and lighter, has a functional handle) and more attractive. I have been making more coffee because it pleases me to use the small, dainty coffee-dripper in a way that it did not to use the big clunky stained one.

I thought a minute ago, sadly, "adulthood. Man. If I'm going to get excited about material objects, they should at least have, like, lasers or something."

Then I remembered that I spent something like six hours the other day looking at 3D printing sites specifically for reasons relating to 1) my thoughts on Steven Universe toys and cosplay, 2) dollhouses, and 3) my aspiration to make a robot to bug my cat with. And I would get very attached to specific bowls and pillowcases and stuff as a kid, too. So, not much has actually changed.
When out of cold-brew coffee, hot-brewing directly onto ice cubes produces something similarly low-acid!

Aug. 20th, 2015 11:20 pm
People have made a lot of worrying remarks on the tea lies post, but the only ones that actually offend me are the people who talk shit about pu erh. How fucking dare.
If an un-coated tablet gets caught on the back of your tongue it will BURN.

I did this two days ago and it still stings.

Aug. 5th, 2015 04:28 pm
me: Man why am I shaking, I haven't even had any caffeine this afternoon, in fact all I've eaten today is applesauce and a piece of bread, so this shouldn't

me: Okay

Aug. 5th, 2015 01:51 am
The purchase I'm happiest with this week is a large bag of ginger cookies from Big Lots.

I also bought bras, because the two wearable ones I have are maybe ten years old. But let's be real: I'm probably going to hate or quickly ruin the new ones, as has happened every time I have purchased a bra since college. I will never stop wearing these same two apparently-immortal bras.

I used to have a white one and a blue one and a yellow one; I don't know which one I lost. The remaining two are now the same color.
Is there any general overall difference between shiny, smooth-skinned apples and matte, rough-skinned ones in terms of taste and texture? Or am I just an Apple Hipster who thinks shiny apples are gross because Aesthetic?
I use too much turmeric and don't always wipe the counter down, and now obviously his white spots are orange. Stay off the counter, dumbass.
Also I was running out of pu erh (is the portion of my life force not comprised by sencha) and ordered a new cheap cake thereof, but then forgot I had done so. And then I failed to go out and check the mailbox for a few days, as I do when I get into this state. So of course the tea came and sat out in the heat for days, and I condemned myself to fermented tea hell for committing one of the cardinal fermented tea sins.
me: *is sitting on couch*

me, thinking: Fuck this fucking heat I'm sick of summer already! I'm going to buy a hammock, some indoor mounting hardware for the hammock, and maybe some mint extract for use in making flavored lemonade!

me: *puts items in Amazon cart while still sitting quietly on couch, then removes mint because it's probably cheaper at Food City*
What is the sort of blunt metallic/rusty taste that's in both

1) stale old green and oolong tea,


2) canned green beans

Photo of a bowl of grain salad with a lot of protein.

This is what I’m eating nearly every meal lately. It’s approximately healthy and filling, and involves only one “cooking-ish” element - putting grain in a rice cooker - which only needs to be done once every few days.

This has become my favorite recipe because the ingredients don’t have time to go bad on me and make me sick when I zone the fuck out, eat nothing but energy bars and pieces of bread for days, and then eat some not remembering how old it is and make myself really sick. That’s a very important consideration! It’s eliminated most of my old staple foods from the rotation.

Required Materials:

* a rice cooker
* grain that won’t get gross in the fridge after a few days:
* * wheat berries or barley = good
* * oat groats or millet = okay but gets dry faster
* * rice = mostly bad
* spinach, collard greens, or some other leafy green, either fresh or frozen loose in a bag (not compressed into a brick)
* olive oil
* vinegar

Other Salad Stuff That Either Has Protein Or Is An Olive (Olives Are Delicious):

* canned beans
* canned tuna or sardines
* crumbly cheese
* nuts
* olives
* whatever

Pre-Salad Process:

* Stick the greens in the freezer immediately even if they’re fresh because I’ll get paranoid that they’ve gone bad and will make me sick otherwise.
* Cook the grain in the rice cooker
* The Hardest Part: Remember to put the grain in the fridge before the rice cooker’s Keep Warm setting dries it out.
* The Other Hardest Part: Remember to actually wash the rice cooker pan so it’ll be ready for the next batch goddamn it.

Salad Process:

* Stick a couple handfuls of the frozen greens in a bowl, then microwave for thirty seconds to wilt them + kill all the e. coli that’s probably on there trying to kill me.
* Dump the other stuff in there and mix it up.
* Eat the salad.

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