Jul. 14th, 2015 09:33 pm

#dad says stuff #or #mom says stuff #possibly #there's punctuation other than hyphens so mom must have typed it at least

Jul. 14th, 2015 05:31 pm
The skin cyst on my back that’s right in the middle of my bra-strap line is back. I’m going to ask the cat to lance it for me. That seems like it would work out well.

Jun. 26th, 2015 01:39 pm
I’m glad we’re getting all our Earthbound references squared away here. Calliope is Paula and she’s going to lead us in prayer for Homestuck to finally end.
A woman is being hunted by people who will make millions more of her. She is not done growing to her final form, which is probably a dragon. She escapes into the sky in a small plastic laundry basket attached to a hot air balloon, with her python, which falls asleep wrapped around her.

The python is breathing out something that will make the woman sleep unaging until a safer era, and will fill their balloon and keep them safely in the sky until it comes. The woman covers them both in a blue blanket before she falls asleep herself.
6:11 AM:

I just woke up feeling like I’ve had a nightmare, but there was nothing all that bad about the dream itself? All things are nonetheless saturated in despair and dread. There’ll probably be a jump scare in a second and then I wake up again.

12:08 PM:

I can’t get out of bed because

1:38 PM:

I didn’t mean to culturally appropriate sky burial, I just laid in one place so long the vultures came

2:53 PM:

I got up and moved around and did chores and now I smell like cat litter. I made the wrong decision here.
I am torrenting Kylin (wait is that actually 14.04’s name (no I guess it’s Tahr)) like some kind of Neanderthal because I can’t upgrade inline from the actual utility intended to be used for that purpose because shit is bullshit and the repositories are all fucked up and mysteriously unamenable to being unfucked. I get error messages that appear nowhere on Google when I try to unfuck them. Hell is not other people, it is other Ubuntus.

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