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They've all shown up now, and... yeah. Don't order green or blue "ghost eye jasper" or "choi finches" stones off eBay, or the stuff labelled as malachite or chrysocolla that look the same. I made a Mistake.

I knew they were going to be dyed, and was prepared for them to be ceramic or resin or something (doesn't look that way, actually). They're pretty, and I don't care about "realness" in terms of pretty rocks!

Alas, the con I should have been prepared for was this: literally all of them, from every seller, were photoshopped.

In the manner visible above - the saturation and contrast were bumped way, way up. Since all but one of them showed up on the same day, it seems likely that the sellers are all the same company, and the "newer" ones with fewer reviews are dump accounts.

Welp. It wasn't like I spent much on this investigation, but I'm honestly pretty sad - I really liked the photoshopped rock pictures! I may look into bleaching/dyeing them if the eBay disputes don't pan out.

I will post more photos once I’ve taken some in sunlight with a real camera, but they all do look like this, unfortunately. A sad rock story.

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