Sep. 14th, 2015

cat: *pounces on my foot*

me, reflexively, in my addressing-the-cat baby-talk voice: oh no, i'm being attacked by sjws!
Is it based on something, or is this an unexplained elephant quest.
If you learned a programming/scripting language at age 13 or younger:

1) Did you start trying to code before or after you started algebra in school?

2) Which seemed easier for you?
Gems with facets so far:

* Ruby, Sapphire, and Garnet - Crystalline. Normally facet-cut, not smoothed.

* Amethyst, Steven, and Rose Quartz - Crystalline. Can be either facet-cut or smoothed.

* Jasper - Not crystalline; a rock. Normally smoothed, not facet-cut.

Gems without facets so far:

* Pearl - A pearl.

* Lapis - Not crystalline; a rock. Normally smoothed.

* Peridot - Crystalline. Normally facet-cut, not smoothed.

There are some common themes within these groups )

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