Apr. 26th, 2015

* All grocery/hardware/clothing stores have a full searchable inventory available online.

* You can do searches of all the stores within x-area with your shopping list, and it'll tell you the quickest/cheapest way to get all the crap you need.

* There's a public list of what people are looking for and not finding and stores actually pay attention to that and fucking stock the shit.

* I can take a picture of a screw or bolt or whatever next to a ruler or something for scale, and thereby figure out where to buy some more of the same kind.

* All consumer electronics of a similar type (laptops, phones, tablets, etc) use the same input jack for their adapters/chargers.

* Clothing sizes are just the item's length in inches or centimeters across the chest/waist/etc, with maybe a secondary number for how far the thing'll stretch.

* Winter clothes are plainly labelled with 1) how heavy and 2) well-insulated they are, on whatever simple numeric scale is appropriate for insulation.

* All cosmetics are labelled with their RGB codes or Pantone color names or whatever.

* Same with garments having a limited color palette, and I guess bedding and stuff.

* If a garment tears you can take a picture of it or run it through The Cloth Scanner and buy a patch in exactly the right color/weight/texture.

* Applesauce will come in a flat-bottomed-and-sided tub like yogurt, not in a narrow-necked jar with lumpy sides/bases out of which it is impossible to scrape all of the applesauce.

* I know that you were all basically with me for the other stuff so you don't get to bitch that the applesauce thing's not important. It totally is.

* A cartoon hand comes out of your vehicle's steering mechanism and slaps you if you rev the vehicle really loud in a residential area for no good reason. I was trying to sleep.

Apr. 26th, 2015 09:52 pm
Karkat's one-pixel smile may be obsolete.

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