Apr. 12th, 2015

The closest I can come up with are:

* Dragon Ball fusion dance, obviously,

* Homestuck sprite-merges, and

* that skeevy Voyager episode where the transporter scrambles Tuvok up with Neelix, making a new guy who understandably does not want to be rendered non-existy again.

The closest analogue I'm coming up on an emotional/character level is Fukki from Houshin Engi, though. He's not quite a perfect example, plot-wise? He's one of those manga cases where someone's multiple personalities had separate physical bodies and ran with separate social circles, like Piccolo/Kami in Dragon Ball and Kaos/Den in Battle Angel.

In most cases like this, once the individuals fuse, they can't freely un-fuse again, and the final person looks and mostly acts like one of the two. The situation is usually basically "Person One Absorbs Person Two's "Powers," And Maybe A Few Useful Character Traits."

Fukki's the only case I can think of in which one of the two halves was the main character, and the two people have forgotten that they used to be one person. They spend several volumes arguing with each other and building up a rivalry/rapport. The merged individual still looks exactly like the hero, like in the other cases, but he has a new name and different relationships and priorities.

Anyone have other examples?

Apr. 12th, 2015 07:58 pm

Let us observe a moment of silence for my vision-correcting prostheses. They were ten years old.

(I’m going to get some Krazy Glue and try to fix them, because I fear change even on so trivial a scale, but the plastic’s gone brittle and weirdly-bubbly. So I just ordered a $10 set of replacements that look as much as possible like them.

For the moment I’m altering between sunglasses and my high-school-era set, which have a slightly-too-weak prescription. My face looks completely wrong. It is someone else’s face.)

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