Apr. 17th, 2009


Apr. 17th, 2009 10:12 pm

I totally failed to mention this yesterday - Lucca brought her dog in! Or, she had her step-dad bring the dog with him when he came to pick her up - she didn’t keep it with her during class. The dog is tiny and white and fluffy, and thus inevitably is named “Yuki” (snow). As advertised, it had a red bow on its head. Lucca was clearly very proud of this dog, which was very well-behaved. Aww, Lucca.

Zip and Zoh feel strange things are worthy of discussion. Today we were doing clothes vocab, and I’d made some big sort-of-paper-doll-ish clothes. I drew my face on the whiteboard, had them draw theirs, and used magnets to put the clothes on the pictures. I had on the skirt, Zip had the dress, and Zoh had the pants.

Zoh demanded, “Why am I the only one in pants?”

Zip explained kindly, “Because they suit you so well!”

“I’m not a boy!”

“Oh, no - of course I’m not saying that -” That being exactly untrue, they started wrestling. I suspect they would wrestle for the entire class if I let them - I have to stop them three or four times each class.

Zip is pretty quick at getting new words and grammar down, but Zoh is a little slow. It’s hard to get her talking, because she feels Zip is so much better than she is. The difference isn’t actually all that big, but in Zoh’s head it’s apparently huge. I kind of wish Zip would have a sick day (she’s one of two or three students who’s never had one yet) so I could try and work with Zoh alone for a while - I think she’d feel more confident if she wasn’t comparing herself to Zip all the time.

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