Feb. 16th, 2009

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My new cell phone has two cameras. One on the back for normal pictures, one on the front for video-phone.

I live in the future. (It’s wasteful.)

(Originally published at SarahPin.com. You can comment here or there.)

Fishing is a secondary profession which allows players to fish various objects, primarily fish, from surfaces of water (or lava).”

(Originally published at SarahPin.com. You can comment here or there.)

It feels like some sort of minuscule adulthood rite of passage, buying a kitchen appliance for myself.

Also, standing in the grocery store’s massive liquor section* and doing math in my head, I chose to buy one of the big things of Baileys instead of a little one, calculating that it would be about 70 yen cheaper per ounce. I think this is also some sort of rite of passage, but it might not be an “adulthood” one per se. A dissolute, girly adulthood rite of passage. I then came home and drank spiked hot chocolate and leveled my orcish hunter to 45.

(Apparently the Ice Stone has melted, you guys.)

* It’s a spirits aisle, a beer aisle, a wine aisle, and a bunch of wine displays spilling out into the housewares section. It sprawls.

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