Aug. 7th, 2008 05:03 pm
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Sakana-sensei: - well, saying that you “have no eye” for something does mean that you love it, but you use it to say you love things of a certain type, whether they’re good or bad or expensive or whatever. Like, you could say, “I have no eye for food,” if you like eating and don’t care what. So SuperShadow can’t just say, “I have no eye for YamaPi.” He’s just one person -

Screech-san: What if you cloned him -

Sakana-sensei: No.

Kimiho-san: No, wait, wait - couldn’t you say it and mean “I love YamaPi no matter what, even if he does something bad?”

SuperShadow: He wouldn’t do anything bad.

Sakana-sensei: Ohhh, sort of, “Even if YamaPi lost his voice, even if he got married tomorrow, even if he killed someone -”

SuperShadow: No!

Possibly Me: “Even if he ate a baby.”

SuperShadow: No! He wouldn’t do that! He wouldn’t!

Sakana-sensei: Eh. No, you can’t use it that way.

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